What is AJF?

What is AJF?

AJF Video is a full service Wedding production company that specializes in delivering beautiful recreations of people's most important memories for affordable prices! The company was founded in November of 2016 by two ambitious college filmmakers, Adam J. Ferguson and Connor Akers.
Here at AJF, we care more about quality and giving friendly service to our customers than we do about making profits. 
Who do we serve?
Anyone and everyone!
When we say that we are a "full service" production company, that means that we have the knowledge, tools, and experience it takes to manage every aspect of video production, from conception to delivery! Our services can extend beyond wedding videography if our clients need it!

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Have something for us?
Need something specific that isn't listed on the site?
No problem! One of AJF's most defining characteristics is our flexibility. We have friendly staff waiting to hear from you for whatever project you may have in mind. Please feel free to contact us for any sort of video or media service. Our rates will always be lower than the competition!


Connor Akers  was born in Flint, Michigan.

From an early age he discovered his love of film through vhs tapes and tv.

He applied this love of film when his family got a camcorder in 2001, and he has been making films ever since.

At Timber Creek High School, Connor excelled in Video Production classes. He has produced videos ranging from PSA's to feature-length independent films.

Following his graduation from Timber Creek High School, Connor enrolled at Valencia College to pursue his A.A. General Studies degree as well as an A.S. in Film Arts.

In his free time, Connor enjoys working on creative projects in the form of music, short films, and painting.
Adam J. Ferguson  was born and raised in Central Florida.

He found his passion for video production at the age of 11, when he and a friend decided to create an internet video series. Though the series failed (Horribly), creating it was the most fun Adam had ever had! He has had a passion for filmmaking ever since.

In high school, Adam began practicing his skills through his role in Wolf TV, the school's TV Production program. From learning the basics, to shooting and producing daily videos, to directing a daily live news program and acting as the Producer for the program, Adam learned all he could about the video production process.

Following graduation from Timber Creek High School, Adam began pursuing his A.S. in the Film Production Technology program at Valencia College.

Now a sophmore, and nearly finished with this program, Adam is still learning all he can from both formal, instruction-based learning, practical experience from his video production position at Siemens Energy, and through the production of various personal short film projects.

In his free time, Adam enjoys traveling and camping, taking care of his beloved dog, Scooby, and practicing his photography skills.